Level 40-45 Fishing-For Gil

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Level 40-45 Fishing-For Gil

Post by Mandabear on Fri Jun 03, 2016 4:42 pm

Coerthas Central Highlands - The Nail

I've had the best experience at the location: The Nail
Best Bait: Crow Fly (Fishing Tackle" Lvl 20)

Now the fish we're after is the Emporer. It is a Lvl. 50 with a Like a Star @ heaven star rating

Then using the Crow fly you will get tons of Striped Goby.
*Exp-wise, you are not going to get a whole lot from these (Approx. 300-100exp per catch.)
But you will need to catch a HQ Striped Goby and use the MOOCH skill to attempt to catch the Emporer.

The Emporers not only sell for a pretty penny in the Market, but sell fairly quickly as well.

When MOOCHing, you will alternatively catch the Kissing Trout.
Though they aren't the Emporer, These sell for Approx. 8k a piece in current Market Place Placing.

Something else to think about PERCEPTION increases HQ catch rates. GATHERING increases the catch rates altogether. 

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